Power BI Personalize visuals and Perspective feature

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“Can we change this barchart to a pie chart or may be a Donut chart?”

As a Report Developer, you must have often heard a similar question or suggestion from your report audience. I can say that I have received such requests from few enthusiastic audience/end users more than once to change a visual in the report to suit their visualisation preference.

I have always believed that a Report Developer’s objective is to develop reports using visuals (Graphs/Charts/Tables) that most effectively communicate the intended information to the Business users, Stakeholders and Management teams who are our major Report Consumers/Audience. …

Power Query for Automation and Efficiency

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This article is for all excel wizards, conversant with majority of excel features and functions but have not realised the potential of Power Query for data extraction and transformation automations and ease of use.

Power Query in itself is a powerful tool and needs mutiple articles to cover the features; however, this article will provide a brief and explain the use of Power Query to overcome the limitations of VLOOKUP, one of the most used function in excel. VLookup helps in deriving/sourcing the value from another table or sheet arranged vertically for lookup values in the current table. …

Learn the concept of Calculation Groups in Power BI

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Microsoft in its Power BI July, 2020 release, introduced the ability to launch External Tools from Power BI desktop (currently a preview feature). With the help of this feature, Tabular Editor can now be integrated with Power BI and allows users to easily create Calculation Groups in Power BI.

What is the benefit of Calculation Groups

We all know the pain and effort that goes in creating measures that use same calculation for calculating the value of different parameters; particularly Time intelligence measures.

For e.g., to calculate the value of Month to Date(MTD), Quarter to Date(QTD), Year to Date(YTD), Previous…

Power BI Tips and Tricks

All those who have spent significant time with Power BI know the importance of DAX. The purpose of Business Intelligence is to communicate the insights derived from the data to enable informed business decision making. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. The data is usually raw and transactional in nature which in itself does not communicate much to draw insights; therefore, mutliple mathematical calculations on data is often required to achieve consolidation and a meaningful insight.

Measures in the Business Intelligence tool -Power BI plays an imporatnt role by helping you to create parameters or in simple…

Data Story telling through Power BI

Gender equality has garnered importance across the world to achieve socio-economic balance. Over the years, the world has slowly and steadily moved towards providing equal oppotunity to women in different areas. However, it is important to look at the level where we, as a society, stand in areas tradionally considered to be women’s forte — the domestic and family care.

As per the survey conducted by UN — Time Use Statistics across 85 countries, Women across the world disproportionately shoulder the burden of unpaid work. Women on an average spend approximately 4.4 hours/day on unpaid work compared to 1.7 hours/day…

Startegies to prepare and pass Power BI certification

In the month of August, 2020, I passed Microsoft Power BI Exam:70–778. Since then a lot of my friends, contacts and Power BI community members have asked me about the exam, preparation tips and resources . Therefore, I decided to share my experience of preparing and passing this exam along with few tips and strategies.

Power BI is a highly sophisticated Business intelligence and visualisation tool of Microsoft. The Exam 70–778 and the newly introduced DA-100 exam test the knowledge to Analyze and Visualize Data with Microsoft Power BI.

Difference between Microsoft 70–778 exam and DA-100:

In the beginning of…

Data Story Telling through Power BI

The other day I was looking at the India’s Covid-19 cases on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s website which made me think of a way to depict the data in a way which is more interactive and easy to consume. As currently I am working towards advancing my data visualization skills using different Business Intelligence tools, I decided to depict the data by harnessing the visualization capabilities of Power BI.

Govt. of India had imposed lockdown 1.0 in the country on March 24, 2020 (complete lockdown) and now after approximately 1.5 months, the country has moved into lockdown…

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